How to Install Skirting Boards

Primarily, the Skirting Boards were designed in order to finish or furnish the gaps between walls and flooring in an aesthetic way. But now, Skirting Boards have come a long way. They now are used for varied reasons like Gap Filling, Wire Hiding, Wall and Furniture Protection, Space Beautification etc.

The Skirting Boards are now designed and produced in such a way that they can be used for various reasons. Today, there are hundreds of designs of Skirting Boards made from variety raw materials like wood, plastic etc. Some of them are basically designed for a special purpose.

No matter what the intentional usage of a Skirting Board is and what it is made from, the process of installing Skirting Boards is always the same. Here are the steps involved in the installation of Skirting Boards:

  • Remove Old Skirting - The old Skirting is removed from the wall to make space for the installation of the new one. Some general tools like a hammer and a chisel are used for removing them.
  • Area Cleanup - After the old Skirting is removed; the area behind it is cleaned and finished up to make clean space for the installation of new one. Any bumps and dents are repaired to make a levelled base.

  • Measure and Cut - The area is then measured and the Skirting is cut according to the area of installation. It is made sure that the Skirting is cut exactly equal to the area so that all the Skirting can be on one level.

  • Cut at 45 Degree Angle - Each section will have to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees so that the edges can neatly fit on each other.

  • Finishing- The installed Skirting is then finished and any deviations or errors of installation are finished accordingly.

  • Final Touch - The whole of the installation is given a final look for any discrepancies and it is made sure that the Skirting looks elegant and performs its functions accurately as well.